Sunday, January 19, 2014

What do I write about??!!

What do I write about- I started this blog about two years ago (maybe one) I don't know, I started it waaaay to long ago to only have a few posts and no consistent content or theme. I have so many ideas floating around in my head I'm constantly thinking "you know, I should start blogging again" (because I'm that narcissistic to think people want a front row seat to the crazy things floating around up there) I have all of these wonderful opinions about life, tips for college, strategies for world peace, the list is endless. But then I sit down to write and it goes something like this; "I like babies and coffee and I firmly believe. Oh screw this, I want coffee." There's nothing. Nothing comes to mind-- my insecurities about my ability to write, my laziness and that nagging pest call 'responsibilities' flood my brain. I end up deleting or never even posting what I wrote. So here I am almost two years after starting a blog, with like 20 posts, no readers, and feeling a lot of discouragement. So here's a new decision- I'm just going to write. I'm going to force myself to write about what I'm thinking. I'll write like I'm talking- because I love talking. And I'm going to post it, make myself keep it, and probably cry. So here's to sharing my thoughts and opinions online almost as much as I do in person. Welcome to my head! Cheers!

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