Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I realized:
I started a sentence with "Earlier, I was thawing breast milk"
I have a "mom" planner, with a spot for all of the kids, because I basically have 40 of them
I have maternity shorts I borrowed from a mama, they're comfortable!!
I wiped a nose with my sleeve and didn't think twice.
I said, "It's a good shirt because you can't see the spit up when I get hit with it."
 I'm the weirdest 19 year old. Ever.

Homemade Play Dough!

This is one of my FAVORITE crafts I've done with kids.
I made it a while back with a few of my favorite kiddos.
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 cup water
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
liquid food coloring

1) Mix the dry ingredients in a medium sauce pan. (B loved pouring the stuff in the pan for me)
2) Mix the wet ingredients in a measuring cup.
**Some recipes say to mix the food coloring in measuring cup, I never do this because I seperate the dough after and color it instead of making a new batch for each color**
3) Pour the wet ingredients in until throughly mixed.
4) Put on medium heat and stir occasionally.
5 )Remove from heat when you see a skin (took like 4-5 minutes for us) and let it cool for a few minutes.
6) Remove from pan and kneed the dough
(This is when I seperate the dough and mix in the colors)
7) Give to the kids and let them have at it!!

Their mom said the kids played with it for hours at the table. We put it in ziplock bags and it lasted for months. It may even still be around, I didn't check last time I was home from school!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


If there's one things I learned from working with kids it's this: Your kids are so, so special.

They're special because:
They are so innocent.
They're full of love and life.
They're trusting and so very honest.
Stinky fingered hugs and slobbery kisses are.
The famous "EMILY'S HERE" at the sound of the doorbell
They say the most hilarious things.

They're special because...

They're special to you. They're more than special. They're maginficent, beautiful little things. They are your flesh and blood. Your life, and reason to live. They're the things they love most in this world. It amazes me how much parents love their children and they trust me with their children, with their flesh and blood. This is also something so special.

They're special to God. Isn't it Jesus who said, “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven." Matthew 18:10. God loves and cherishs children, because to him they are so, so special.

Your kids are so wonderful. They're loud, stinky, snotty-faced- poopy, sticky, funny, beautiful, cherished, wonder-filled and wonderful, special little human beings and I am so blessed to be apart of their lives.

"How much do you charge?"

I get asked this ALL the time! So here is the answer for both parents who ask and babysitters who need the answer.

Babysitters: I know asking for money is awkward. I always hate giving a price, especially when you don't know the financial situation of the family. You have to find a happy medium for both you and the family. However, be willing to be flexible. If one of 'your families' has an emergancy or a hard time don't be concerned with price as much. If you help them, and will most likely help you when they can AND you'll have another good job reference :)

Families: Be honest and up front with what you can afford. It will save for awkward situations.

I've come up with a basic system that almost always satisfies both parties. It is as follows:

1-2 kids: 6-7 an hour, or 45-50 for a whole day
3-4 kids: 8-9, 55-60 for a whole day
5+ kids: 10 an hour, 70+ for a whole day

-If there is an infant always at a dollar an hour.
-If the kids are sleeping and shouldn't wake up, 5-6 an hour is PERFECTLY fine. I know this doesn't seem like alot, but I figure I'm getting paid to watch your TV.
-If the babysitter drives your kids or has a long drive to you add on 5-10 dollars.

I, however, was never very picky on price. I loved babysitting, so money wasn't much of an issue. I have even done it for free or cheap in certain circumstances. Now that I'm paying my own way through school I need to be more picky about my time. Every babysitter has a different financial situation, if you don't know it, ask! It will help explain a little bit about why a sitter has certain prices.

The number one rule when it comes to payment:

Always, always, always talk about it BEFORE having someone babysit for you.

Hope this helps :)