Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Netherlands Adventures Day 8-10

I do not have much to update and reflect on as I feel like I have settled in and have somewhat of a rhythm here in Ede. I have settled into the house I am staying in and made new friends. The days are spent doing different assignments and the evenings are spent hanging out or exploring.

Saturday, we went to Zealand to walk on the beach and sight see. I was told there would be wind but this is not wind that you could explain in words. This was WIND. It reminded me of the crusty crab pizza episode of spongebob. Here is a visual of that to help you. 

We went look at the windmills, The Netherlands claim to fame and a storm broke loose on us. We.were.soaked. SOAKED. We decided it was one of those experiences we would later find funny. 

Once we all dried off and warmed up, all of the American students got together to eat pizza and watch a movie. Well everything in the Netherlands closes around 8 pm. Except a few select pizza places. However, if you have never tried to order pizza in a foreign country- it's not as easy as it sounds. It took us two hours and two different a pizza places to finally get our food.

Sunday we went to a cute little international church that did church in a very interesting way. It was much less structured and very community oriented. They asked everyone visiting for the first time to stand- they clapped and welcomed all of us and listened to our names and why we were there. At the end they asked whoever was visiting for the last time to stand- and again we stood. They had us come up front and sang a blessing over us, "May God's blessing surround you each day, as you trust him and walk in his way. May his presence within guard and keep you from sin, go in peace, go in joy, go in love.’ ." It was different but touching.

In the afternoon we went to a museum that featured big name artists- Van Gough, Monet.. I am not a huge art fan but it was definitely interesting and we took some interesting group pictures on the sculptures.

Monday and Tuesday were spent working on projects and interviewing experts on specific topics in European culture. My group focused on social justice, human rights and family life. It was a very interesting experience. 

Monday evening we took a train to explore Utrecht, a very historical city in The Netherlands. I came back earlier than the group to have a traditional Dutch meal prepared by my hosts neighbors. It was good- but mostly veggies mashed together, so we ate pizza when we got back. 

Tomorrow we head to Belgium and will spend the night in Brussels! I cannot believe my trip is almost half over!! I will have more to update in the coming days. Enjoy these pictures from our trip far!

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