Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gwemily Thoughts.

My best friend, Gwyn and I are basically the same human being. We're on the same wave length at all times and sometimes it's freaky how we're thinking the exact same thing. We've been coined the nickname "Gwemily" because we're a package deal. Except for when we're not a package deal because we go to school four hours apart. Don't you worry though, we have a solid two visit per semester schedule worked out. We often think we deserve our own TV show because we're hilarious but I'm not sure everyone else feels the same way. Here's an example of the latest Gwemily Dilemma:

To buy the Emily portion of Gwemily a coffee mug as part of her birthday present or not:

The verdict. 
I'll let you know when our TV show airs.

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