Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've been thinking a lot about grace and forgiveness lately. I sometimes find myself in a trap of bitterness simply because I cannot forgive. I struggle with giving grace because all too often I feel as though they are not deserving.
That's just it though, the beautifully frustrating and confusing thing about grace: there's enough for everyone. I am quite pleased about that, I am in frequent need of God's grace. Though, it means God has just as much grace for my enemy's as he does for me. He gives freely his grace, forgiveness and redemption to those who have caused me deep pain, for those who have forgotten me, who have said they'd be they and left, for those who have said hurtful words, those who I have had to dig deep into myself to even think about forgiving.
It's frustrating and aggravating to know that they are still loved beyond measure. It's beyond human comprehension. The fact is hard but so beautiful because I've messed up too. I've hurt people that I love, I've forgotten people I promised to help. I stretch myself too thin and leave people out. I have been rude and down right mean. Yes, there are days when I feel I should be the one to hand out Grace but how many times would I be looked over if that responsibility were given to someone else? How times has someone had to find the strength in themselves to even think about forgiving me? I need God's grace and redemption everyday, so if I freely accept it- others deserve the same right. It's aggravating and frustrating but it's so so beautiful.

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