Thursday, February 5, 2015

26 Things I Would Tell My Freshman Self

The other day I was pondering my college career thus far and marveling at how far I have come since then. My first year was an absolute disaster, I made it all of one semester before I took time off- I honestly never planned on returning to Messiah College but God does not normally follow the plan I intend. When I did return, I was still a slight mess and it took me a little while to get things straight, however I have made tremendous strides in my academics, my faith, my leadership, and have grown overall as a person. Reading my old journals, in some ways I hardly even recognize the person I was. Sometimes I wish I could go back and have a talk with past Emily, so in a recent journal I began making a list of things I would say to my freshman year self if we could sit down and have a little chit chat; Here are some of my favorites.

  1. All-nighters are ineffective and unhealthy. Just go to bed.
  2. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. 
  3. No, coffee does not constitute a balanced breakfast.
  4. You've never studied before, learn how to. Find a study method that works for you. Reevaluate as necessary. 
  5. Get to know your professors, they're there to help you and having a relationship helps professionally and academically.
  6. Resumes are important. Make one when you do not need it, you will thank yourself in the moments you're asked to present one. 
  7. Do not sign up for Pinterest the weekend before your first ever finals week. That is an awful life decision. 
  8. Learn how to ask for help. Whether it be in school or in life, it is okay to need help.
  9. Answer your mothers texts, she loves you, misses you and she made you. (Yes, mom I am still working on this one)
  10. Homesickness is a blessing, as my father says "The only people who get homesick are people who have homes."
  11. Rent your books. You will never get the price you paid if you buy them and sell them back.
  12. While we're talking about books, let's be real- you are not going to do all of your reading assignments. And that's okay.
  13. Build yourself a new community, find your new people- you will stop feeling homesick when you realize home is much more than a place.
  14. Travel as much and as often as possible. Study abroad, mission trips, weekend road trips- whatever it may be- GO!
  15. You will learn more just outside your comfort zone than you ever will tucked safely inside the walls of the familiar. When you feel stretched, pulled and uncomfortable it means you are growing. 
  16. You do not need 8 pairs of boots. 
  17. Healthy eating is a tricky balance. It means eating enough just as much as it means not eating too much.
  18. Your roommate does not have to be your best friend and your best friend does not have to be your roommate. 
  19. That 6th ear piercing was a bad idea, just stop at the 5th.
  20. While we're on irreversible body modification, skip the foot tattoo too. 
  21. 8 ams suck but if you schedule morning classes you will be don early and being done by noon is a literal gift from the heavens. 
  22. Never, ever, ever take more than 1 night class at a time. You have ADHD, you little over achiever- you will want to die by mid terms. 
  23. Make time for your friends and roommates, they miss you.
  24. Do not for one second think you can work 4 jobs, volunteer at church, be in a club, take 6 classes and not have a slight mental breakdown. Stop over glorifying busy. 
  25. Learn to use the word No and learn to use it without guilt. 
  26.  Most importantly, Have fun, it is going to fly by faster than you realize. 

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