Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is my "I have nothing to post about but I committed to post once a week" post. I'm drowning in a to-do list, a new internship and the second week of the semester "I have no idea what I'm doing" stress. I have loved this blog thing and recently my blog has taken off in ways I didn't imagine... people are actually looking at my blog and interacting with me and my content. I love it!

This week though, I'm drained and have so many blog ideas but no energy to execute the plans. So I am going to be narcissistic enough to assume that you want to hear all about my week and do an almost end of the week round up of my highs, lows and favorites since the last time I posted.


I got my meal planning and snack separating done early, which makes my mornings and weeks run much smoother.

I discovered a new Shakeology combination that makes my heart sing. I know I do not look thrilled, but I am.

My hair is in a pony tail FINALLY and I get to dress up twice a week for my internship #dresses

Gwyn. This girl, my favorite, best ever friend in the entire world is getting on a bus tomorrow and coming to see me this weekend! We are the type of best friends that no one else wants to be around because we are only funny to each other and no one understands our inside jokes. We are referred to as Gwemily, because if you're talking about Gwyn you're probably talking about Emily too. So #gwemilyreunion is happening this weekend and I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED. 

I committed the great glass massacre of 2015 Monday morning in my kitchen and almost lost my finger in the process. Moment of silence for the three glasses who were tragically lost at the hands of a clumsy dishwasher. 

It's that time, like that time. Hint, hint. That week where I lay on the floor of my apartment and contemplate never getting up. I'm still laying here, it's been 4 days. Send help,


This perfectly sums up how I am feeling about this new semester. 

I am sorry for the lame not post, post. I promise something real in the near future. 

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