Monday, March 23, 2015

3 things I regret not packing for college

I was very unprepared first going into college, this list could be a lot longer than it is. Actually, unprepared is the wrong word. I was prepared....for all of the wrong things. Need any scrapbook sticker ever made? Got it. Want to read one of the 57 novels I bought in high school and never read then? I'm your girl. Do you need a scarf to go with your outfit? Here, pick one from my collection of 438. Need a stapler, laundry detergent, a hair tie, a flash drive or anything else practical and obvious? Sorry, keep looking, I am NOT your girl. 

However, I like to think I learned quickly and come well prepared most semesters. There are still moments though when I go to reach for something and think "HOW did I not think of that?!" Normally I add it to my list and it's always there when I need it next. BUT there are still a few things I regret not bringing until I need them and I ALWAYS forget. Below are the 3 things I suggest you add to your packing list. 

#1 Off season clothing.
This is most likely exclusive to places that have all four seasons, if you go to school in Florida then it's probably a different rule. (BUT I WOULDN'T KNOW BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON I CHOSE TO GO TO SCHOOL IN PA)  However, like I said, I go to school in PA. A land where March is a free for all when it comes to Mother Natures mood. Snow day on Monday and shorts on Tuesday- it's not unheard of. One year we had a freak warm week and I had left ALL of my shorts at home. Keep at least one off season outfit around for Mother Nature's moodier time periods!

#2 My important documents
There were SO many times I could used my birth certificate, social security card and passport. I needed my birth certificate and social security card to apply for my passport. Then the next year, I needed my passport to give a copy to the school for my trip to Europe. Guess where they were? Safely AT HOME in my moms little folder of tricks. Most of the time a copy would do but still a few times I needed the real thing. My mom even had to go through the hassle of mailing my birth certificate via priority mail. While you have to be organized enough to keep track of them- I recommend keeping them with you!

#3 A spare power cord and phone charger.
In most cases laptops seriously outlive their power cords. More than once I realized my power cord was going, right around the time I had big projects or papers due! Having a spare charger for your major electronics pays off in the long run and avoids last minute emergencies.

I'm sure there are a plethora of other items I constantly forget but these are the major ones I forget EVERY time. 

Are there anythings you always forget to add to your packing list but always end up needing? 

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  1. I am with you, I brought all of my favorite movies and books, but not enough clothes!! Well, we learned what to pack. Have a great week!
    xo, claudia