Thursday, May 28, 2015

Devotions and consistent quiet times have always been a source of frustration for me. I know, I know, that sentence in itself seems wrong. Devotions are supposed to be just that: a quiet, sacred time devoted solely to God. A time to worship him and hear from him. However, my ADHD mind races 500 miles a minute. One second I am praying the next I am thinking about why donuts have holes. I have literally tried every possible thing in an attempt to find a method that is both worshipful and keeps my attention. Unexpectedly, pinterest saved the day. Literally one blog post was a complete game changer for me. I came across an intriguing pin called "Bible marking + Journaling 101" . Her system is little more developed than mine (she's been doing it for years) and hers is a littler be different but the basic concept is there. 

Bible Marking as she calls it is a way to mark specific verses, words or concepts that stick out to you. For me, it kept me engaged and helped what I was reading 'come alive' in a sense. I am a visual and kinesthetic learner so seeing different themes and concepts in color helps me make connections and interact with the Word. I started out of curiosity one afternoon in a bible I am pretty sure I my mother let me borrow. As I ventured further into it I also did some research. I came across numerous different keys and methods of bible journaling. I did not find one specific way that fit my own so I did as the author of the blog post above mentioned and made my own. 

My key: I started out (as mentioned in the post I linked) with a few concepts. Two were hers (Christian living and marriage) The others were my own (God's promises and Prayer, etc.) I added words or themes which are significant to me as I ventured further into different passages. My 'key' is still developing and likely will change. 

Taking it deeper: I also take the verses that stick out to me and enter them into a commentary to tear apart the verse a little bit and dig deeper into the meaning. I journal/document the things that stick out to me (this is shown in the first picture).  

Materials I use: 
  • Bible
  • Spiral bound sketchbook
  • Color pencils (I use the erasable kind)
  • Index card
  • Anything else that suits your fancy!
I went with colored pencils because I did not have to patience to wait until I could get out to get bible highlighters that wouldn't bleed. I also use some colored pens and pencil if I want to write in the margins. I prefer to write in a journal unless I feel it's very significant because my handwriting stinks. 

I do not claim that this method is my original idea, that it will work for everyone or that is is the best way. However, it is the best way for me! These last few weeks that I have done it have been the most consistent devotion/quiet times I have ever had.

Here are some of the resources I used after starting this method to help develop my key:


I'm sure an update will come soon at I continue this!

How do you do devotions? What are your favorite methods?

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  1. This could not have come at a better time! I have been in a rut lately with this kind of thing. The markers are such a good idea! One thing I love to do when I do devotions is read a chapter and then write down the "ping" verse and journal about it.