Monday, September 17, 2012

"How much do you charge?"

I get asked this ALL the time! So here is the answer for both parents who ask and babysitters who need the answer.

Babysitters: I know asking for money is awkward. I always hate giving a price, especially when you don't know the financial situation of the family. You have to find a happy medium for both you and the family. However, be willing to be flexible. If one of 'your families' has an emergancy or a hard time don't be concerned with price as much. If you help them, and will most likely help you when they can AND you'll have another good job reference :)

Families: Be honest and up front with what you can afford. It will save for awkward situations.

I've come up with a basic system that almost always satisfies both parties. It is as follows:

1-2 kids: 6-7 an hour, or 45-50 for a whole day
3-4 kids: 8-9, 55-60 for a whole day
5+ kids: 10 an hour, 70+ for a whole day

-If there is an infant always at a dollar an hour.
-If the kids are sleeping and shouldn't wake up, 5-6 an hour is PERFECTLY fine. I know this doesn't seem like alot, but I figure I'm getting paid to watch your TV.
-If the babysitter drives your kids or has a long drive to you add on 5-10 dollars.

I, however, was never very picky on price. I loved babysitting, so money wasn't much of an issue. I have even done it for free or cheap in certain circumstances. Now that I'm paying my own way through school I need to be more picky about my time. Every babysitter has a different financial situation, if you don't know it, ask! It will help explain a little bit about why a sitter has certain prices.

The number one rule when it comes to payment:

Always, always, always talk about it BEFORE having someone babysit for you.

Hope this helps :)

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