Sunday, December 14, 2014

Somewhere along the way this life became beautiful

There was pain, no doubt. Boredom? Of course. Frustration? Everyday. Anger? Sorrow? Discomfort? Hopelessness? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

But somewhere between the hugs and hand shakes. After all the tears or as a result of the tears, maybe. Somehow as the minutes ticked into hours and the hours into days, As calendar pages turned and the number at the end of the year went up, things changed.

Somehow, sometime, somewhere along the way- This life became unmistakably beautiful. Looking ahead, there was no map and the roads were dark. I did not know the way but I went. I went and I was not alone.
He was the lamp unto my path and the light unto my feet.
I did not understand then why we took this turn or missed that one. I could not see enough to know where the road led, who was up there and what must be left behind for good. Looking ahead, it was foreign. But looking back- Oh, it is quite the view.

In some ways the pain makes sense and the frustration was used to my benefit. My mistakes were used as lessons. The boredom urged me to do more and the discomfort challenged me to step out.  It all fits. Like a puzzle. It all works together to paint a bigger picture. I have reconciled with the ugly and come to terms with the broken. Where I have been makes where I am now that much more of a testament to God's unrelenting Grace. Despite it all, this life, by the Glory of God, became beautiful.

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