Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry (almost) Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas today with my dad and step mom because they are going to be in North Carolina for the Holiday. The one thing I asked for was a camera. I am doing a lot of travelling and wanted a nicer camera. Santa came through for me! Here are my first attempts at figuring this thing out.

Some are better than others and I actually have no idea what I am doing. So basically I am still taking crappy pictures in a better resolution...  If you are a photographer do not be offended by the not so great state of my 'photography'. Also, I was the only one around so I mastered the art of selfies on my new camera and that is all that matters, right? I am super excited about my camera though and you will get to see  plenty of pictures from my upcoming trip to Europe! 

Any tips and tricks from veteran Cannon Rebel users?? 

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