Wednesday, August 27, 2014

100 days of happy

In an attempt to make myself blog more often I am going to take the #100daysofhappy challenge to the blog world. 100 day, 100 happy things. Ready, GO! 

100 Days of Happy; Unexpected Friendships

Do you ever have those people you meet and you think, "I just know we're going to be friends". Then you have those friendships where you look at and think, "I never in a million years thought we'd be this close" Yet you are, and oh, are you so glad. My heart is happy today for friends I never thought would be friends, let alone in some ways just like family. My best, basically twin so alike in every way, friend, Gwyn is my favorite unexpected friend. We look at each other so many times in our friendship and say, "I never thought we would be friends but I really never thought we'd be THIS close." If you know us, you know we're twins. Gwyn is my 'conversation with just a look' friend. My' your hair looks ugly, fix it' friend. My 'I don't care what you've done I'll always be there for you' friend. My see each other everyday or once a year and nothing has changed friend. My 'what were you thinking why did you date him' friend. My thick and thin, high or low, near or far, no matter what, always there friend. Today I am happy for unexpected friendships because sometimes what you expect least is what you need most. 

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