Thursday, August 28, 2014

2:100 Days of Happy

Yoga Pants. I'm happy for Yoga pants.

So this one goes to my large stack of yoga pants that have yet to see a second of yoga. And sorry to break it to you guys, you never will. Thank you for being worn so much you started to rub a hole in the thighs. Yoga pants, you are the reason I can look like I'm wearing pants but never actually wear pants.

My heart goes out to the yoga pants who haven't a clue what yoga even is. Also to the yoga pants who had a glimmer of hope when their owner bought a mat that shared it's first name. But alas, the mat is being used as a magic carpet for the children as they sit defeated on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry's. For the Yoga pants that have been called 'leggings' and shoved into fall boots and forgotten. To the Yoga pants who have suffered through a few rounds of wii fit yoga and thus decided they don't really want to be yoga pants after all. You guys are real troopers- most of you guys probably have no idea that yoga is even a thing besides a type of pants.

Keep being comfortable, keep being cheap, and keep looking like actual pants when I cover you up with a nice shirt and boots, it's how I get through winter.

Your biggest fan,
Emily (Yoga pants enthusiast)

(My favorite and most abused pair)

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