Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Frazzled Grocery Store Mom,

Recently I was in line at the grocery store, behind me was a frazzled looking young mom. She had an infant in the front of the cart going clinically crazy about being in a car seat, a rather belligerent 2 year old throwing cans of soup at the candy display. Then were blood curdling screams that would give the HULK a run for his money coming from her pint sized princess clad preschooler. Mini Elsa was standing about 6 feet behind her mom yelling "DONT WEAVE MEEEEE MAAAAAAAHHHM" and mom calmly says, "then walk with me, I am getting I line." I hear her state under her breathe- "You don't understand if you don't have kids." I'm not sure who it was intended for but it's not the first time it's been implied that I have absolutely no possible clue what it could ever be like to even be in the same room as a child unless I have produced one in my own uterus. In some ways frazzled grocery store mom is right, being a parent is something that can only be fully understood by another parent. But in other ways she's so, so wrong. No, I do not understand fully, I don't have my own kids. I've never grown a life inside my own body. I've never given birth to said life. And I've never been put in charge of said life's growth and making sure said life doesn't die. No, I don't know the day in, day out challenges of life with loud, sticky and stubborn little people.

I don't understand it all but I've seen it. I've seen inside your home. I am your babysitter, your mothers helper, your nanny- Whichever title I took for your family. I've seen what your life is like. I've seen behind the scenes of the grocery store throw down. I know what happened leading up the point of complete and utter chaos in the walmart aisle. I don't understand, but I know; I know dressing your two year is similar to wrestling an octopus into a bag...with a baby on your hip. I know getting your squirming, screaming 8 month old in the car seat takes so much energy, the idea of an infant stray Jacket sounds less inhumane each time. I know the arguing and rationalizing it took to get your 5 year old out of a cow girl hat, a bathing shit and a tutu. I know that after wrestling her out of that she promptly picked out a princess dress so you gave in and thought "screw it, wear the Elsa dress." I know that having kids can sometimes feel like living with pint size dictators who eat your food and watch you while you pee. Do I understand it all? No. But do I see it? And do I know? Yes. I know it's hard. I know it's tiring. It's hard, mom. And you're doing fantastic job. Judging by the noise your kids are still alive- so kudos for that. And you're at the grocery at the grocery store- so obviously they get fed. They look moderately clean- so you bathe them at least sometimes. And they're cute too. No, frazzled grocery store mom, I may not Understand, but I see and I know- You're doing a good job, mom. Oh, and I know a great babysitter for next time you need to go to the store, give me a call.

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