Sunday, August 31, 2014

4:100 Days of Happy

I missed yesterday. Mainly because there wasn't a whole lot of happy flying around. I had tons of
packing to do. Move-in day stresses me out like no other. I have the craziest, full work week, full course load semester ahead of me. I just wasn't in a happy mood. BUT just because every day isn't good, doesn't mean there isn't good in everyday. Yesterday I was happy for friends that do not fun, gross, and boring things with you. Kortnei, my fake little sister, cleaned out my awful, gross, no good, really messy car with me. If you know my car- you know she's a saint. It's messy and the last time it got cleaned was LAST year when I left for school. It was awful and not fun but 100 times better and more hilarious with someone else. So shout out to Kortnei for cleaning my car and spilling moldy coffee on her jeans. You're a true gem, Kort.
Although, I'm sure bribing her with chicken strips helped ;)

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