Friday, November 14, 2014

How to have a beautiful, vibrant blog in one easy step.

I love blogging. I find it relaxing. However, four out of five posts I delete within 5 minutes of hitting 'publish'. Why? Because, comparison. That's why. Comparison sucks. I find myself meticulously combing over my blog posts and comparing it to similar blogs. If you are a blogger looking to expand your audience, I know you can relate.

Why are her Instagram pictures so perfect? HOW is her room is so organized? Her life is clearly more fun than mine. How can I have beautiful, vibrant blog?

It's easy. Live a beautiful, vibrant life. But do not live a beautiful, vibrant life for the sake of your blog. Do it for the fact that you live in a beautiful world and the very fact you even have a blog that you are worrying about means you are privileged. You have more than most.

Do not put one more second of thought into which instagram filter will get you the most likes. Do not worry about whether your outfit would make a good blog post. Do not take time from things that matter for things that do not. Your follower count and page views are not more important than your real, live world.

So go, see the world. Hold closely the ones you love. Laugh more than you cry. Be passionate about something. Give away generously, and not just your spare change to the bell-ringing men in Christmas hats on black Friday. Give you time, your resources, your energy. Be kind. Be bold, stand up for what you believe.  Live beautifully, live vibrantly.

And if, only if you get a spare second between coffee dates and tickle fights, take a moment to write about the vibrant beauty in your everyday.

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